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Program Characteristics

 Program Characteristics

Committed to further enhancing the physical, mental and spiritual health and esthetics of individuals, this degree program will offer courses in different areas of living technology, including sports, health, dance, recreation, management, and art. This program also emphasizes the improvement of language proficiency and the cultivation of an international view, in order to broaden the horizons and career vision of students and thereby cultivate new-generation sports, recreation and health management talent with living technology skills and humanistic literacy.

This degree program has a strong faculty, rich experience in industry-academy cooperation, and a complete curriculum structure. In the future, besides basic sports, recreation and health management courses, students will be trained for the certification of a wide variety of coach and instructor licenses, such as for aerobic dance, dance sport, belly dance, yoga, and physical fitness. Special courses, such as fundamental nutrition science, manners, development of kinesthetic intelligence, and body shaping will be included in the program. The department and degree program will also provide a wide variety of recreation-related electives, such as tourism and travel, tour guide, body massage, etc, in order to provide more channels for students to develop different competencies in addition to the program courses.

This degree program was established in 2009 by integrating the resources of the university, its colleges, and those outside of this school. Based on the needs of students, industry, and communities, we established the teaching and curriculum development characteristics of this program and determined the following two training directions: (1) Sports and Recreation Instruction Module; and (2) Health Management Module.


1.Sports and Recreation Instruction Module
Objective: To cultivate personnel for planning recreational and creative activities, leisure resorts, and health clubs and thereby develop professionals for the operation and management of recreation businesses.
Specialty: Design and planning of various sports and recreational activities, operation and management of recreation business, health club operation, sports meet planning and practice, recreational facility planning and management, and the management-oriented teaching of various sports and recreations.
Professional licenses: ACSM or AFAA weight training and personal sports instructor and coach licenses.
Practice: Students will be provided with off-campus practice for about 320 hours. Besides the campus gym and aerobic classroom, we will arrange practice opportunities at leading fitness centers, professional dance studios, famous leisure resorts, and major hotels in Taiwan, and provide field experts as supervisors.


2.Health Management Module
To train students as sports instructors and health promoters of elderly people.
Specialty: Planning activities for elderly people, physical fitness testing and assessment, functional strength training, personal sports instruction, sports prescription, various aerobic dances, body shaping, and body massage.
Advanced First Aid and EMT1
ACSM or AFAA weight training and personal sports instructor and coach
Level C and above swimming instructor, lifeguard and lifesaving coach
Practice: Students will be provided with off-campus practice for about 320 hours. Besides the campus fitness center, we will arrange practice opportunities at related facilities (e.g. heath clubs, sports centers) for students to sharpen their professional competences from the work environment and to develop a good working attitude.


We also teamed up with the Department of Food and Beverage Services and the Bachelor's Degree Program of the Elderly Living Service Industry of the College of Living Technology, and the Hotel Management Program of the College of Management to promote the innovation and R&D of the health management industry and living domain; and train management talent equipped with theory, practice, expertise, and cultural literacy for the operation and marketing of the sports, recreation, and health management industries.